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Have You Thought About Writing a Book Some Day?

I speak with a lot of people who have thought about writing a book some day and most of them are pretty up front about the fact that
• They have no clue what they’re doing
• They’re afraid their book will flop
• And they’re afraid their book isn’t “good enough”

I get it.

I’ve written five traditionally published books myself and I’ve been working with countless people for years as a book coach and editor to help them write high quality books that share their message and support their business.

There’s a lot to know about writing a book and it can be a confusing process that seems like it’s going to take forever.

If you’d like to get some serious traction on the book that only you can write I invite you to register for my online event, “Author Kickstart Live, How to Write and Publish Your Book to Share Your Message and Grow Your Business Exponentially.” This is a three-day online event (July 9-11) that will take you from Why you might want to write a book, all the way through to the magic of marketing a world-class book. You’ll be creating a compelling and dynamic vision about your life as an author, and we’ll be tapping into some exercises that will leverage your existing mental strengths and help you develop new ones.

It takes both creativity and consistency to write a book that supports your mission and your business. And we’ll be examining aspects of both in this highly impactful deep dive into the creation of the book only you can write.

I’d love you to join us!

Our last Author KickStart Live event was a major success and participants were surprised by how intensely supported they felt in my community. I would love you to experience that, too.

Register today and join me to start laying the foundation for the book that you have been longing to write, the book your ideal reader is waiting to read!

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