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What about When You Aren’t Getting Your Book Finished?

There’s a certain amount of angst involved in being partway through the writing of a book and not having a clue when you will be able to get it completed. I experienced that with the writing of my first book. The journey from the day I sat down to write it to the day it was finally finished took a blithering 13 years and for many of those years I felt discouraged about my ability to bring the project to completion. It became a great way to beat myself up.

If you’re in that boat may I invite you to be willing to forgive yourself for not getting that book written yet?  Are you willing to leave the past behind and focus on the bright, glorious future as an author that still might lay ahead of you? And not worry about what you’re NOT doing in life?

All you can really count on in life is this one precious, delicious moment. You can do whatever you want with the present moment. Including writing your book. The past is not the future. Today is not our yesterday. The future isn’t even here yet, so it has no impact whatsoever on what is happening right this minute! We can’t live in the regrets of the past or even in our fears about the future. We can only experience life in this moment of now. So I’ve learned to concentrate on making this moment of “now” as wonderful as possible.

Book Writing and Life Challenges

I’ve mentioned before that you are the only person on the planet who can write the book you have been called to write. And here’s why:

I can almost guarantee that you have experienced many major events and challenges that have moulded you into the person you are today. Experiences from your childhood, teen years and adulthood have all left an impact on your personality, your wisdom and your motivation. Nobody else has had your parents, grandparents, friends or family members, educational experiences, or hard knocks. Nobody. Just you.

If you believe, as I do, that the Universe is continually facilitating us to our highest and best lives, then you will be able to see that all of those experiences, even the worst of the lot, happened FOR you, rather than TO you. Like a precision sword, you have been shaped and tempered on purpose for a purpose. Only you can create the book you are poised to create. Not your colleague, your mentor, your business partner or your best friend. You. You’ve been chosen from the lineup of Life to write this book. And, if I can dip into my belief system for a moment, I further believe that you have the full power of a loving Universe continually working on your behalf. You cannot fail.

So, take a deep breath. And I invite you to acknowledge how much you’ve been through and then notice how, in spite of everything that has happened to you, you are still here, still hopeful (no matter how small that spark might be sometimes), and still able to aim high. Writing is a big project. Keep at it. And if you need some help, I invite you to book a complimentary consultation with me to find out what the range of possibilities are for you. I’m ready if you are!


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