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Are You Working on Your Book Yet? (Part One)

Do you know what happens next?

I do a lot of work with entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are finally making the dream of writing a book come true. It’s an exciting time and, with my third traditionally published book released last fall, I know exactly how much work it takes to bring your book from concept to completion.

How much work? Way more than we ever expect!

But the thrill of seeing your book with your name on it is one that lasts forever and it truly is a dream come true.

I work with authors on the development of their books – their theme and structure – and on the back end part – the editing and polishing of the manuscript. Well before the words “The End” appear on the horizon, most authors start wondering about the next steps.

There are two routes to go: traditional publishing and self-publishing.

Traditional publishing is the tried and true method of becoming a published author and it is the be-all and end-all of publishing for would-be authors. It means that a publisher has decided that your book has both literary and marketing merit and that someone other than your mother or your partner thinks it’s good.

Generally speaking, you need to attract the attention of an agent first and your agent will do the busy work of trying to interest a publisher in taking you on as one of their authors.

Traditional publishers provide very little in the way of marketing to new authors and you will only get up to $2-$3 per copy of every book sold through the distribution networks that your publisher sets up: book stores, Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, etc. But they will set that up for you and they will attempt to organize foreign distribution as well. You may or may not have the option of purchasing copies of your book so you can sell them yourself, independently, and you can charge what you will for these, which gives you the opportunity to make more of a profit on your book.

My books have all been traditionally published by Manor House Publishing and I enjoy the additional prestige that goes along with being a writer, editor and copywriter who has been traditionally published. While anybody can self-publish, very few people get the nod from a traditional publisher and I am appreciative of the confidence Manor House has placed in me by continually publishing my work. It’s a highly competitive area and I am one lucky writer! But I have also worked very hard over the course of my career to become competent at what I do.

It can take several years to land an agent and another couple of years to land a publisher. This is not something that lends itself to overnight success. You need patience, determination and the confidence that goes along with knowing that you have a top-quality product to sell, and one that is going to be well-received in the marketplace.

While you want to make sure you get your manuscript edited so that it reads well and the story holds together properly, be prepared for both your agent and your publisher to want to make changes to your book. You don’t have to make those changes – but if you don’t you might end up with no book deal and you need to understand that you might have to walk away empty-handed.

I know an awful lot of people who share a book-writing dream and now that I have a handle on how it all works, I’m offering book coaching through my Awakening Author website.

I will share my very best mindset tips and practical tools for writing. This program is aimed at streamlining the process for people who feel they have a story only they can share.

I will provide insights for both fiction and non-fiction projects (they’re very different) and if you feel you’ve been procrastinating long enough, then I invite you to find out more about how I might be able to kick start you into action.

You can find out more about it on my website. If you have any questions, I’d be delighted to answer them. Just email me at


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