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Join Me for the Launch of My New Book!

Are you looking for a tool to revolutionize your marketing and give you new insights into what it takes to be successful in business, especially now that the world has changed so drastically?

I invite you to join me at the launch of my latest non-fiction book, which I co-wrote with my friend and colleague, Paula Hope. We’ll be launching Your Personal Marketing Playbook: The Art of Creating Personal Capital On and Offline at a special Virtual Book Launch on Wednesday, May 7 at 3:00 pm Eastern. The theme of our online Launch is Personal Marketing in the Post Pandemic Period and we’re thrilled to be hosting a panel discussion on “What to do NOW?” The panel will be anchored by Digital Rainmaker Husam Jandal, and Referral Expert Victoria Trafton.

Some of you may know that Paula is a referral marketing expert whose first book, Stop the Saboteurs, looks at identifying, and eliminating, the limiting beliefs that get in the way of a successful sales process. Many entrepreneurs struggle with sales, and Paula’s brilliant book provides an outstanding set of tools for developing a strong sales mindset. I served as Paula’s book coach and editor on that book and soon after it came out, Paula and I decided to combine two of our main skill sets to write a book together. The result is Your Personal Marketing Playbook Plan, a powerful and elegant business development blueprint that for professional service providers and other “gold-collar workers.” Paula and I have written a book that combines the best of both the online and offline marketing worlds and it’s aimed at helping people who, as Paula says, “Live by their wits.”

Our book will help you:

  • Learn the irresistible formula for marketing your services business, both on-and-offline
  • Assess where you are on the business development journey and
  • Create your own playbook plan for generating results

The book is designed to help you shift both your offline and online revenue generation activities into overdrive and wipe out any doubts you’ve ever had about your ability to generate the success you desire and deserve. Together we show how relationships are the real DNA of the business world and we guide our readers to the creation of a robust plan for cultivating, nurturing, and expanding relationships into a key means of creating ongoing business opportunity. We believe that uniting both on and off line tools, while maintaining integrity and respect for all, is essential to true business success.

I’ve never collaborated on the writing of a book before and I found it a hugely valuable experience. I have enormous respect for Paula and her business acumen and we had many enjoyable breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings to map out what we wanted the book to do, and how we could best ensure it did just that. Hat’s off to the traditional publishers at Manor House Publishing for being supportive, insightful and highly focused on all the details that go into ensuring the production of a top-quality book.

I’d love you to join me for our launch – you can reserve your spot here:

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