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Three Strategies For Finding the Time to Write Your Book

Writing a book can take a lot of care and attention and I always find it exciting to see how creative my clients are in building their life around the time-limited task of getting their books written. One of my clients, Vince Fernandez, used his commuting time to and from work to type out his novel about the crooked head of a financial investment firm. His book, Little Sister, is a wonderful story that tells a colourful and chilling tale. Vince had an hour every weekday morning and an hour every weekday evening to tap away at his book on his iPad on the train.

How Busy People Are Finding the Time to Write

Another client, Barb Stuhlemmer, booked a meeting with herself at a coffeeshop from 9:00 a.m. to noon every Saturday morning for about a year to create her manuscript about how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Awakening: Making the Move from Employee to Business Owner is packed with practical advice every would-be entrepreneur needs in order to start their business.

Tanya Penny, author of Connect with the Divine You for Health, Peace and Happiness, wrote her book over the course of several years. She framed her book’s structure around her coaching program, and set a goal of completing one chapter every two months. The deadline was important to her, but she didn’t want to feel pressured to fit book writing into an already full schedule, and this was a perfect strategy for her.

There are all kinds of strategies you can use to fit book writing into your schedule, you just need to find one that works for you and stick with it for the finite period of time it takes to get the book written.

Get Someone to Hold You Accountable with Your Writing

All of my clients at some point have needed assistance. With my first book, I tried for a very long time to do it myself. I am a really determined person and I am a hard worker. But there were no quick results with going it alone. Eventually, I did find my way to a lot of online resources for book writing and while they were helpful in teaching me about the book writing and publishing world, they didn’t move the dial for me one little bit in the massive project of getting the book finished. What I needed, and couldn’t find at the time, was a book coach, someone to hold my hand and hold me accountable to my dream of becoming a published author. And, of course, I value that service so highly that I became a book coach myself so I can help other people shorten their journey from being a member of the 80% club to being one of the 2 Per Cent.

If you’re starting the massive project of writing a quality book that will make a difference in the world, I highly recommend you call in some support. Get an accountability partner, join a writer’s group, hire a book coach. You need to be incredibly devoted to getting a book done and there is no “Hero Medal” for going it alone. Contact me if you think I can help!


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