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Are You Using These Tools in Your Content Marketing Program?

So you start posting a blog once a week, you drive people to it via social media, you maybe put a link to your blog in your email signature, and eventually you notice that you’ve built the number of visitors to your website up by a substantial amount. Kudos! Now you look a little deeper at your analytics and you realize that every time you posted a blog about how you solved a unique customer problem, your statistics improved: you got more visitors, they stayed longer on your site, and they browsed  more pages.

Content Marketing Tools

There are an unlimited number of tools out there to help make content marketing easier, more efficient, less complicated and generally more profitable. Here are a few of my favourites:

On the subject of Twitter, it takes a lot of skill to keep a post down to the 140 characters Twitter allows and one of the strategies around Twitter is to share links to content that your ideal clients and customers will find valuable. Some of those links are very long and unwieldy. Enter Bitly, which is a handy little link shortener that will take that 70-character link and shrink it down to 15 or 20 (or event seven or eight). It can be a little time consuming to take that extra step, but bitly certainly does streamline your links.

You know those witty sayings that you see people sharing on Facebook all the time – the ones with a very cool image and a flash of insight written across it? You can make those yourself with a little tool called Pablo. Not everybody wants to run around creating enlightened commentary, but if you have interesting things to say about your industry, or your business, you can whip up a graphic about it in a heartbeat with Pablo. Pablo lets you choose from a number of attractive backgrounds, font types and sizes

Portent Idea Generator for Writer’s Block:

It’s not always easy to come up with great titles for your content and when I stumbled across the Portent Idea Generator I have to say I was hooked. Enter any topic into the search box and this platform will develop off-the-wall ideas for a creative title that will certainly be memorable, if not usable. It strikes me that the main value of this platform is not so much in getting a title for the blog post or article you are writing, but rather you are kick-starting a creative process that will allow you to come up with something that will please you.

If you’d like to find out about a few other online tools to boost your content marketing results, please contact me at and let’s book a conversation to find out what that might look like.


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